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We Innovate & Design

A formidable and publishing company unique in our offering of the most comprehensive range of printed products and services. Our unique selling proposition is that we provide services that encompass all facets of the print industry.

We are creative in our design and production to bring cost to a minimum without sacrificing quality. It is why we work hard to deliver the highest quality products and services on time and within budget, and strive to provide all our customers with first class service.


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Meet Our Team

Our key management team oversee the organization's activities to ensure they advance our mission in an effective, ethical and sustainable manner.

our Team

Brian Birtle

General Manager

Brian is a results-driven print and printing services professional with extensive expertise in leading items to achieve remarkable manufacturing objectives, planning, controlling resource requirements and managing key projects.

Brian is a proficient and energetic manufacturing maven whose attention to detail in planning and execution are unmatched in the security printing business.

our Team

Benard Austin

Head of Operations

Bernard Austin typifies a perfect cross between a sharp witted mind and a strategist. He manages the day to day operations of Universal Crystal Print Ltd, having oversight responsibility for all on-the-floor operations that culminate into our best efforts in printing and print services.

Mr. Austin holds an Executive Masters in Business Administration from the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration. He is also a BA (Hons) Book Industry holder from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology.

Our Quality Assurance Approach

Our standards prevents mistakes or defects in printing and avoiding problems when delivering solutions or services to our customers


Define Quality

We develop reliable, realistic, valid, clear, and measurable standards for inputs, processes, or outcomes being it clinical or administrative to ensure your job satisfaction


Measure Quality

By quantifying the current level of performance or compliance with expected standards. Measuring our quality leads directly to identifying areas for improvement or enhancement


Improve Quality

Our quality improvement methods close the gap between the current and the expected level of quality (defined by the standards).

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our service develops long term, mutually beneficial partnerships with companies that require our core product and service offerings.

Our Mission

Today’s client requires a print company that can be much more than a printer. Today’s client requires a print partner that offers personalized consultancy and works with you to provide enhanced print needs and strategically helps builds their business. We are that partner!

Our Vision

To be a values-based and results-oriented printing partner, that bonds with our clients and stakeholders by providing insightful expertise and inventive talent, driven by integrity, to achieve their satisfaction.

Our Values

Our core values lie at the heart of our business and drive our operating principles, ambitions, and our fundamental ways of working.

  • Creativity.
  • Integrity.
  • Accountability.
  • Respect.
  • Loyalty.
  • Passion.

Always Available

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Qualified Agents

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Best Offers

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